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I'm a Freelance Product Designer.

My name is Robert Dutton, I'm a freelance product designer providing development services in the consumer, medical and industrial sectors. Contact me today to discuss how I can help add value to you next project.

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What I Do

Product Design Services

I offer a full range of development services across the complete product design process; from initial concept development through to final manufacture.

Working with a diverse range of clients, I undertake both full product development projects and provide specialised support at key stages. Every project is planned around your unique requirements and my design services are tailored to provide the best possible support.


Design Research + 
Project Strategy

By understanding the needs of people, the market and business, we identify opportunities, reduce risk and plot new design strategies.

During all development projects the creation of a rationalised design specification is the first step to any successful project. Ergonomics, life-cycle analysis and primary research are all used to explain and justify important design decisions.



User / ethnographic research


Competitor analysis


Demographic research


Task analysis and journey mapping


Human factors / ergonomic design


Sustainability and life-cycle design


Regulatory compliance and CE certification


Industrial Design +
Product Development

By selectively evaluating concepts against the design goals, we develop products with the best technical and commercial prospects.

I offer a full range of conceptual design services to explore and refine the different options to solve your project. From high quality product illustrations that explain important features clearly, to photo-realistic presentation materials for final promotion; I'm driven to deliver exceptional quality across every project.



Concept design


Colour, material and finish (CMF)


Industrial design


Electronic development


UI/UX design


Brand development and graphic design


Design Engineering +

Robust engineering allows us to create working designs faster, improve performance, and lower production costs.

As an experienced design engineer I know the importance of defining design concepts that are feasible to develop and mass produce efficiently. To enable this, design development follows an iterative process, where concepts are rigorously tested and improved to ensure they meet target specifications.



Computer aided design (CAD)


Mechanical engineering


Computer aided engineering (CAE)


Rapid prototyping and product testing


Design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA)


Electronic prototyping


Product cost analysis


Manufacturing +

Whether sourcing a manufacturing partner or looking for investment, our experience will enable you to effectively plan, present, and execute your route to market.

Throughout each project design for manufacture and assembly (DfMEA) principles are followed to ensure ease of final production and fast product assembly.



Supplier sourcing and auditing


Crowdfunding campaigns and marketing strategy


Regulatory compliance testing


Technical drawings and production specifications


Product presentation boards and advertising


Intellectual property protection


3D product animations and motion graphics


Packaging design

Freelance Product Designer

About Me

I'm a freelance product designer based in Cheltenham, UK. Over my career I've gained a great deal of experience working with businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs; developing a wide array of new products.

As a freelance designer I regularly work on brand new ideas and existing product ranges. During that time I've had the opportunity to work on some  interesting new ventures, ranging from wireless headphones to electro-surgical devices. Please get in touch to discuss your new project and how I can help.

+10yrs experience bringing products to market

Product development consulting for start-ups and businesses

Full product design services from idea to market

Technical product design for regulated markets



What my clients say.

"As a start-up company on a tight schedule, I was very happy with Rob's responsiveness and quality of work. His design and prototyping experience was impressive, and he provided great advice on areas outside the scope of our project - saving us valuable time."

7Gen Gmbh

"Rob has been extremely helpful at every stage of my project. He had the information I needed at the start, and advised me on steps I wasn't even aware of. I highly recommend his services and will be working with him again on future projects."

PXB Apparel

"I had a great experience working with Rob who managed the design project efficiently. We really liked the way he communicated regularly throughout the project cycle. The quality of their work was fantastic and we look forward to working with him again."


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